The eyebrow transplantation procedure is performed. Individually with the FUE technique as in traditional hair transplantation.

First of all, eyebrow is a bristle, it becomes sparse or not removed when traumatized.

Secondly, Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey, eyebrow region is partially or completely rebuild condensation or through a surgical implants and hair.

Thirdly, makes it possible to bring back the comfort of a real hair and density techniques.

Fourthly and most importantly, the surgeon use FUE Sapphire technique (Extraction of Follicular Units) without leaving any traces moreover, he performed under local anesthesia and the intervention. May take between 1 and 3 hours. (depending on the eyebrow line reconstructed.)

Such as FUE Beard Transplant is the solution when the beard is not dense enough, has patches, or when you want to hide imperfections such as scars or simply harmonize the features of your lower face.

The surgeon removes very fine hairs one by one from the top of the nape which is the donor area. 

Afterwards, places them back in the recipient areas of the eyebrow to be corrected. The incision is making with a very fine sapphire scalpel.

In order that achieve a good density and to achieve the most natural result possible. 

According to the elongation, direction of the eyebrow. The grafts implanted with a pair of tweezer.

Therefore, paying attention to the original shape of eyebrow has more distribution and direction of the hair follicles. 

An average of 150 to 200 grafts required to fully restore the eyebrow lines.

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