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Hair transplant, Beard transplant, Eyebrow transplant, FUE - Sapphire method, DHI technique, PRP injection, Baldness treatments


At Hairmedico we are specialised experts about the field of only hair care our expertise goes back to 15 years of experience with a thousands of well performed hair surgeries. We are result oriented clinic that only focusing customer satisfaction & health

One Patient Per Day

We exclusively serve One Patient Per Day package since FUE Hair Transplant surgery took place min. 6 six hours and it should be carefully performed. You will get our undivided attention!

Definitive Solution

We provide a range of solutions that definitively solve your hair loss problems or any scalp conditions, including Hair Replacement Systems for men & women, Laser Therapy, Micropigmentation FUE hair transplants, Trichology and Diagnosis services

Hair Loss Treatments & FUE Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant, Beard transplant, Eyebrow transplant, FUE - Sapphire method, DHI technique, PRP injection, Baldness treatments

Hair Transplant

The FUE Hair Transplant is a real alternative to restore the baldness for men or women. The FUE implant is minimally invasive and ensures natural looking result. The FUE carries the lowest possible risk of harming and damaging the scalp in the transplanted area with the utilization of special devices with sapphire blades.

Medical Treatments

Simple and painless, PRP treatment is completely natural, and therefore biocompatible. There is no risk of rejection or allergies. It is recommended in case of hair loss, thinning of the hair or after a FUE hair transplant.

Beard Transplant

The FUE beard transplant is a popular procedure that can work wonders for thickening up facial hair. It should observe that the implantation of the grafts to the face area, depending on the specific recipient area (beard, moustache, sideburns, cheeks or any combination thereof), requires defined number of grafts (hair follicles) to achieve a satisfactory and natural result as expectation of the patient.

Dr. ARSLAN Musbeh

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. ARSLAN Musbeh is one of the Hair Implant Surgeons, a pioneer specialist in FUE hair transplantation in Turkey.

Dr. ARSLAN was born in Turkey and graduated from Odessa Medical University in Odessa, Ukraine, in 2000. The practitioner then lived in France for 12 years where he specialized in general medicine and then specialized in alopecia and hair transplantation treatments. He is currently a trainer at the D.I.U. on baldness treatments and hair transplant at Claude Bernard University in Lyon, France. He is also a trainer of doctors during practical training courses organized in Istanbul and participates in Workshops and Live Surgery sessions both in Turkey and abroad.

He has been practicing this activity for more than 14 years and has successfully performed thousands of cases of FUE hair and beard transplants on patients from different countries all over the world but mainly from French-speaking countries, Dr. ARSLAN himself speaking French.

Its medical team is exclusively dedicated to hair, beard and eyebrow transplants. It is composed of aesthetic surgeons, doctors specializing in FUE hair implants and several nurses trained by Dr. ARSLAN himself, exclusively for hair transplants, beard transplants and eyebrow transplants.

Dr. ARSLAN also receives patients for consultation during his regular trips to France, Belgium and various European countries.

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Hair Transplant Reviews
Reviews from hair transplant and hair transplant patients

From the beginning to the very end full professionalism. Asma, the clinic’s representative and the doctor’s translator answered patiently all my questions. During the four months before the surgery she dispelled all my doubts and was a big support. You can contact her anytime on whatsApp, she replies very quickly. Dr. Arsan is a nice person, he has the right approach to the patient, you can feel that he cares about the wellbeing of his patients and that he knows what he is doing….

Radek, UK

 I am writing this heartfelt and honest review about my wonderful experience in getting a sapphire FUE hair transplant by Dr. Arslan and his amazing team at HairMedico…

Yonatan - USA

 I’m a South African medical doctor that had beard and hairline FUE with Dr Arslan last week. So far I’m very happy with the results. He and his team are friendly, professional and deliver a very good product. Why I chose them is because of his experience profile, and because he is the one doing the surgery, not merely overseeing technicians. He only has one patient a day and is extremely focused on good quality work, utilizing latest technology…

Michael Von Horton, South Africa

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