Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

What is the FUE hair transplant method?

The hair transplant method FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a technique. For removing grafts one by one using a fine micro-punch (0.7 to 0.9 mm in diameter depending on the quality of the hair). Directly from the donor area to the back of the head at the crown level. This technique makes it possible to obtain several thousand grafts of 1 to 3 hairs each. The one as tightly as possible to provide maximum density will then re-implant one on the recipient area. This transplant is done under local anesthesia, it is painless and the result is final.

Fue hair transplant,grefts




The donor area (the area where the grafts are extracted) has limits:

The number of follicles removing is determined according to the patient’s age, the potential evolution of his baldness. The limited or unlimited capacity of the donor area… The goal is not to extract at all costs a spectacular number of grafts.

For example, the patient’s age, his alopecia profile, or the capacity of the donor area. We must be careful with the arguments, put forward on websites and in some centres that are often catchy but don’t always reflect reality!


The grafts are harvesting manually or motorized from the previously shaved crown. Graft grafts, often containing 1 to 2 hairs each (ultra-micrografts) extracting directly and temporarily stored in a conservation solution before implantin’ in the recipient areas. The sampling stage is the longest, lasting several hours for several thousand grafts.


The donor area extract NO LONGER return Follicles, also the donor area! (or in very small quantities). Each patient has a limited stock of hair that collecting and implanting over several hair transplant sessions. It is therefore important that the doctor carefully analyze the progression of the patient’s baldness in order to possibly plan further sessions in the future.




This step consists in making numerous small incisions on the bald area. Plus, about 1 mm wide, called slits or slits using a microblade (Dr. ARSLAN uses a sapphire blade for the incisions to obtain a better density and less aggression to the scalp). Incisions must making by the hair transplant specialist who knows the precise procedures. For example; for the depth of the incisions and the direction of regrowth of each bald area.


Hair Transplant Result

FUE Hair Transplant,

Tweezers Implantation


Hair transplantation with tweezers implantation consists in very gently placing the micrografts one by one in the incisions (previously made by the doctor) using a micro tweezers or forceps. Each graft insert into the slit several millimetres deep. Above all, by adapting to its recipient site in a perfectly anchored and stabilized way. So that only the superficial part of the hair remains visible on the surface. For instance, ultra-micrografts of 1 hair preferably places on the front edge, those containing more than 2 hairs place in the middle and more at the back.

Direct Hair Implant (DHI) 



DHI Method is an implantation technique with an implant pen called the choï pen. The sampling technique remains the traditional FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).



The difference between the DHI technique and the FUE technique is that for the DHI.




The implantation and incisions for the opening of the channels doing at the same time. (With implanting pens.)




Implantation Pen (CHOI pen)

Firstly, the implant pen contains a needle. Where the follicle placing directly in the implantation area. Between existing hair, without shaving the hair, on the recipient area can do implantation. So, for women and for patients who do not want to shave their hair use this technique.


After Procedure


Secondly, A doctor must perform his procedure specialized in hair transplantation and a medical team that must have the know-how to use the tools and place the grafts in the implanting pens. For the use of the Choi pen, a larger team needs, which is why the DHI technique is more expensive than the FUE tweezers technique.


Thirdly and most importantly, the hair transplant specialist can tell you whether or not this method is applicable to each of his patients depending on the quality of the hair.








From the beginning to the very end full professionalism. Asma, the clinic’s representative and the doctor’s translator answered patiently all my questions. During the four months before the surgery she dispelled all my doubts and was a big support. You can contact her anytime on whatsApp, she replies very quickly. Dr. Arslan is a nice person, he has the right approach to the patient, you can feel that he cares about the wellbeing of his patients and that he knows what he is doing….

Radek, UK

I am writing this heartfelt and honest review about my wonderful experience in getting a sapphire FUE hair transplant by Dr. Arslan and his amazing team at HairMedico…

Kevin, - USA

 I’m a South African medical doctor that had beard and hairline FUE with Dr Arslan last week. So far I’m very happy with the results. He and his team are friendly, professional and deliver a very good product. Why I chose them is because of his experience profile, and because he is the one doing the surgery, not merely overseeing technicians. He only has one patient a day and is extremely focused on good quality work, utilizing latest technology…

Michael Von Horton, South Africa

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