Hair Transplant testimonials

Yonatan / USA


 I am writing this heartfelt and honest review about my wonderful experience in getting a sapphire FUE hair transplant by Dr. Arslan and his amazing team at HairMedico.

I have spent a year reviewing all the different doctors and clinics in Istanbul, and Dr Arslan stood out because of the wonderful video testimonials and reviews. I admire the fact that he focuses on quality over quantity by only performing one procedure on one patient a day, unlike other doctors and clinics.

From the moment I contacted HairMedico and began chatting with Asma, I knew I made the right choice. Asma explained everything in detail and took the time and effort to answer all my questions before, during and after my decision to fly out to Istanbul to have the procedure performed by Dr. Arslan.

From the moment I meet Dr. Arslan, Asma and the rest of the team in person, I knew I could trust them because of their warmth, patience and humility. Dr. Arslan spent a hour talking to me about my expectations, looking at my old pictures to better understand my hair type, style and growth pattern. He has a wonderful sense of humor which made me feel so comfortable in what would be a stressful situation. After the hour long review and discussion , I changed into scrubs, had my head shaved and began my FUE hair transplant.

During the hair transplant procedure which took almost 7 hours, Dr. Arslan explained everything in great detail, making sure I was comfortable and ensuring I was staying positive and happy. While I won’t go into to much detail about the procedure I can say that Dr. Arslan is just a truly talented and gifted doctor who is so passionate about his craft. He took so much pride and joy in helping me achieve my goal of having a a successful FUE procedure.

All I can say is please put your trust in Dr. Arslan and his amazing team and you will not regret it one bit. Thank you Dr. Arslan and to the entire team at HairMedico. Hair Transplant testimonials 


Jimmy / SPAIN



Hair Transplant testimonials , First, I have to say that this was my first operation in all my life, due this I was so nervous traveling from Spain to have the Hair Transplant in Turkey. Asma, Doctor´s Arslan assistant, makes me feel confident and relax about the treatment since the first contact, she explained me everything in a good manner and seemed so professional. Also, I had seen some reviews about the Doctor´s work which make me trust more on him and his clinic, so I got the decision to go for my hair transplant with Dr Arslan Clinic.

Feeling nervous the day of the operation as said was my very first operation and had some fear of punctures of needles, Doctor Arslan made me feel comfortable, he explained me all the steps of the surgery properly, clarified about the specific treatment due my baldness.

I had the Hair transplant through the Sapphire FUE technique regarding to Dr Arslan analysis as the most appropriate for my baldness. I had 3000 grafts transplanted. this point I want to highlight that this doctor has special care with the donor area, since my hair loss can continue in the future, I will have the chance to get a second surgery. From Dr Arslan the hair transplant is how to cover the baldness without damaging the donor area.

In summary I think the result of the operation was really successful at 5 days post- operation, I can see my natural front line with good density, it´s still early to analyze what´s the real results but I can say that I’m happy for have given this step on my life and just say thank you to Doctor Arslan to help me out to get my dream comes true.

Professional Doctor! Highly recommended.

I will be updating about my process monthly.

Radek / UK


From the beginning to the very end full professionalism. Asma, the clinic's representative and the doctor's translator answered patiently all my questions. During the four months before the surgery she dispelled all my doubts and was a big support. You can contact her anytime on whatsApp, she replies very quickly. Dr. Arsan is a nice person, he has the right approach to the patient, you can feel that he cares about the wellbeing of his patients and that he knows what he is doing. He also doesnt bend the rules and is quite firm but that is all for your good. Only one patient is operated daily and he keeps control over everything. He performed all the most important stages of the operation himself, and gave the rest to the trained team, which he constantly supervised. At the beginning it is very difficult to choose a clinic in Turkey as there are so many of them. Not all of the are good. Dr Arsan is recommended by ISHRS and mainly thanks to this I made my choise. The surgery itself was painless. the only pain I felt was during anesthesia, literally a few minutes. After the treatment, be prepared for a light headache and general weakness. It is goood to come with someone who can support you. Aftre a few nights the neck might also hurt from the uncomfortable position in which you need to sleep, but it is a very low price for getting your hair back. I had 4,000 grafts transplanted, whole the baldness was covered and the procedure lasted 7 hours. The price included one PRP session and two washes. They also changed the dressings twice. Medications and transfers were all inclucuded in the price and I did not have to worry about anything. It is worth coming to Turkey for more than 3 days and to do one more PRP which will speed up the healing process which I did as by doctors advice. Generally speaking, I am very pleased. I can honestly recommend Dr. Arsan's clinic to everyone, and I cant thank him and his team enough. Now I just need to wait for the results which I am sure will be fantastic.

Cyril / France


Il est important de bien choisir son médecin, le Docteur Arslan est très sérieux dans son travail et sait rassurer ses clients. Il s'agit d'un vrai médecin au contraire de certains sur le net et ses prix sont en plus très abordable.Il faut éviter par contre les offres low cost car il s'agit d'une vrai opération chirurgicale et esthétique que l'on ne réalise qu'une seule fois.Greffe des cheveux avec 2700 greffons, je suis impatient de voir le résultat une fois les cheveux repoussés mais le travail  

Milo / Belgium


Hair Transplant testimonials France, I’m French and I’m soon 56 years old … The idea of ​​making hair implants started to make his way. I hesitated a long time and I took the time of reflection and made many researches in France and abroad. After several years of reflection, I finally made the decision to contact Dr. Arslan in Istanbul. I had his assistant online after leaving a message and sending photos. We stayed in touch for several months and every time I asked questions I received answers in the moment. I decided in a short time. They organized my stay. Everything went extremely well.

Arrived in Istanbul, Dr. Arslan’s driver picked me up at the airport.

Transferred to the hotel .. Great location. Excellent hotel .. Very good service ..

Phone contact with the doctor and his assistant, all French speaking. And organization of the next day for the intervention.

The next day, arrival at the clinic and a consultation with Dr. Arslan.

The intervention went very well… Long certainly but indispensable considering the number of grafts. 4000-4500… return to the hotel in the evening and supported by the doctor.

The next day off and the night went relatively well.

The last day I had a control. 1st shampoo performed by the doctor and post – operative advice.

Return to the airport with the driver and return to France.

Michael Von / South Africa


 I’m a South African medical doctor that had beard and hairline FUE with Dr Arslan last week. So far I’m very happy with the results. He and his team are friendly, professional and deliver a very good product. Why I chose them is because of his experience profile, and because he is the one doing the surgery, not merely overseeing technicians. He only has one patient a day and is extremely focused on good quality work, utilizing latest technology.
The experience wasn’t too unpleasant. The local anaesthetic in the face is agony but thereafter it’s more just the pain of lying motionless in one position for hours.
I had 2750 grafts and it took probably around 8 hours. Post op care was good and in geveral I’m very happy with the outcome. As a doctor I’m happy to recommend them to you.
I don’t know what the final result will be but so far so good!  

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