Nowadays, the hair transplant became a business and this situation is a growing problem. A lot of clinics, the surgeries are performed by assistants and nurses. No hair transplant surgeon or licensed physician is present during the procedure. Those clinics have a statue of factories where the patient doesn’t get the process as it should be. The patient must know who will be involved in his procedure.

During the hair transplant procedure, the surgical acts must be performed by a specialist hair transplant surgeon.

Which steps of the hair transplant surgery must be performed by the surgeon:

  • Preoperative consultation and evaluation: tracing and planning of the operation. The doctor must analyze in person the donor area, the quality of the hair, define the hairline according to the face morphology, estimate the grafts number.
  • The extraction phase in order to control the quality of the grafts, scalp, estimate the rate of single, double and multiple hair and define the diameters of the punches to be used. This phase recommended to be performed by the surgeon to avoid over-harvesting the donor area.
  • Step of incisions (opening of the channels) by the surgeon and this is a inescapable act. The surgeon only can define the path of the hair growth and the placemnet of the grafts per zone.

The surgeon must take a highly personalized approach to hair restoration, choosing quality over quantity; which means achieving high quality not only in the results but also in the procedure itself. The Physician must carry the whole intervention himself (all the surgical acts).

The role of nurses / assistants during the hair transplant surgery is to help the surgeon during the extraction phase as collecting the grafts and placing them into the incisions. The implantation phase is not defined as surgical act. The nurses transplant the grafts under the supervision of the surgeon. In the other hand, the assistance of the technicians will help the surgeon according the length of the procedure.

One patient per day will assure the highest level of patient care, safety and results.