Hair Transplant Patients Reviews

You will find all our hair transplant patients reviews and videos testimonials as well. Those reviews will help you to know more about the Hair Transplant, Beard Transplant at Hairmedico Clinic in Turkey.
  • Dr Ameer Hassan from USA had his surgery with Dr Arslan.
  • 2700 Grafts implanted to restore the baldness.
  • Dr Arslan performed the Sapphire FUE Method.
  • Sorin from Romania
  • 3400 grafts.

  • Patient Evens from Canada.

From the beginning to the very end full professionalism. Asma, the clinic’s representative and the doctor’s translator answered patiently all my questions. During the four months before the surgery she dispelled all my doubts and was a big support. You can contact her anytime on whatsApp, she replies very quickly. Dr. Arslan is a nice person, he has the right approach to the patient, you can feel that he cares about the wellbeing of his patients and that he knows what he is doing….

Radek, UK

 I am writing this heartfelt and honest review about my wonderful experience in getting a sapphire FUE hair transplant by Dr. Arslan and his amazing team at HairMedico…

Yonatan - USA

 I’m a South African medical doctor that had beard and hairline FUE with Dr Arslan last week. So far I’m very happy with the results. He and his team are friendly, professional and deliver a very good product. Why I chose them is because of his experience profile, and because he is the one doing the surgery, not merely overseeing technicians. He only has one patient a day and is extremely focused on good quality work, utilizing latest technology…

Michael Von Horton, South Africa

First, I have to say that this was my first operation in all my life, due this I was so nervous traveling from Spain to have the Hair Transplant in Turkey. Asma, Doctor´s Arslan assistant, makes me feel confident and relax about the treatment since the first contact, she explained me everything in a good manner and seemed so professional…

Jimmy - Spain

Hair Transplant testimonials France, I’m French and I’m soon 56 years old … The idea of ​​making hair implants started to make his way. I hesitated a long time and I took the time of reflection and made many researches in France and abroad. After several years of reflection, I finally made the decision to contact Dr. Arslan in Istanbul. I had his assistant online after leaving a message and sending photos. We stayed in touch for several months and every time I asked questions I received answers in the moment. I decided in a short time. They organized my stay. Everything went extremely well.

Milo - Belgium

It is important to choose your doctor carefully, Doctor Arslan is very serious in his work and knows how to reassure his clients. It is a real doctor unlike some on the net and its prices are also very affordable, but you should avoid low cost offers because it is a real surgical and aesthetic operation that you only perform once. 2700 hair transplants, I am impatient to see the result once the hair has grown back but the work.

Cyril / France

Hello, I got my operation done on the 19th of September in Istanbul. I give a 5 star on every aspect of the experience. The pickup from the airport was on time and efficient, the hotel stay was great and very central. Dr. Musbeh’s assistant Asma was super helpful in getting everything set up. The operation went fast without any issues, the facilities were super clean and professional. Dr. Arslan is extremely dedicated to each patient, he is present from start to finish and will make sure that you look your best after a few months from the operation:) I will be posting pictures once my hair grows out a bit.

Evens - Canada

My hair has grown in well, and I have no complaints about the experience. All in all, the money and effort of having this procedure was well worth it.  I’m very pleased with the results. My new hairline looks natural, and the hair is coming in nicely. I’m posting a couple of photos for others to judge for themselves. I have absolutely no regrets about having Dr. Arslan do the surgery, and the results have been everything I expected.

Arthur Bradley

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